Sporting Campus Leidsche Rijn - 2006 (Utrecht)

Architect: Wiel Arets
Client: UFC Utrecht
Contractor: Heijmans IBC Bouw Rotterdam BV

It was not the first time Loveld was called upon by Wiel Arets when this renowned architect asked for Loveld's expertise to create the face elements of this school, located at the sporting campus of Leidsche Rijn.

Carefully exhausting all of the options, ways were searched and innovations achieved to make this assignment a success.

The master mould was constructed from aluminium, in which each "dented ball" was cut individually, allowing it to be placed at will inside the master mould. 27 different "dented balls" were prefabricated, where the base ball of 30 mm thick was manufactured with one mm less thickness each time. These 27 balls could then be placed at will in the mould. This positive master mould was used to cast the polyester moulds.

Not to make the whole too simple, the front surface of the outer cavity wall was cast at an angle, using four different positions.

After production and assembly the elements were lacquered in black at the construction yard.